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Brandon Beckham is a small business owner, working in the film and fitness industries, and a conservative leader in the Utah Republican Party. Brandon carries a strong passion for defending liberty, determination to fight for what’s right, and leadership that focuses on action. Brandon has a proven record of working with others on issues important to Utahns and fighting to preserve our constitutional values.

​Brandon has always engaged in good causes throughout his life. As a young teen, he embraced scouting and achieved the Eagle Scout award. Years later, in 2002, Brandon chose to serve a two-year religious mission in Mozambique, Africa. While there, he assisted in commissioning a new area that officially opened two years later. Following his mission, Brandon returned to Africa to serve in humanitarian efforts, benefiting and mentoring foreign students and establishing a national digital archive for the country of Namibia.

​After completing film school, Brandon created a successful media production company with a partner. He honed his skills working on multiple aspects of the industry, as a producer, director, and actor. Brandon has produced and directed major productions for businesses, organizations, entertainers, documentaries, and political leaders. His directorial skills were recognized when he won the coveted Filmed In Utah Award for best music video as the director of Nathan Osmond’s “Stars & Stripes,” which is dedicated to military families.

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Brandon’s academic background includes a Master’s Degree in Legislative Affairs from George Washington University in Washington, DC. During his time in our nation’s capital, Brandon served as a Scout Master and interned with the Federal Judicial Center under the U.S. Supreme Court and at a congressional office in the House of Representatives. In his university studies, Brandon earned two undergraduate degrees at Utah Valley University (UVU): a Bachelor of Science in Digital Media with an emphasis on film, and a Bachelor of Arts in American Government with a Minor in Constitutional Studies. While finishing his BA at UVU, Brandon volunteered his expertise at the Center for Constitutional Studies. His enthusiasm for America's founding charter inspired him to pursue additional constitutional studies at the Thomas Jefferson Center and Hillsdale College.

Brandon has a dedicated passion and a pragmatic vision of state and national welfare. In 2009, he founded “Restoration of America,” a non-profit group, promoting constitutional education. Brandon has served as a Republican state and county delegate four times, served as Precinct Chair three times, and served three terms as a member of the State Central Committee, the governing body of the Utah Republican Party.

With a real concern to get good people elected to public office, Brandon has volunteered and consulted for many conservative political candidates. This includes work on senatorial, congressional, gubernatorial, school board, state legislative, and municipal races. Brandon has also organized and directed statewide issue-based campaigns that positively impacted Utah, including the successful 2018 campaign, as the director of “Keep My Voice.” This campaign halted Count My Vote’s multi-million dollar operation to dismantle Utah’s neighborhood caucuses.


During the 2020 election, Brandon had the honor of being selected to serve as a motorcade driver for Vice President Mike Pence's visit to Salt Lake City for the Vice Presidential Debate at the University of Utah.

Recently, Brandon has been working to remove identity politics and divisive racial concepts in public education. He passed an important resolution in the Utah Republican Party, calling for legislation to prohibit the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) tenets in Utah schools. Brandon also worked with other Republicans to organize “The Utah Forum on Critical Race Theory,” attended by almost a thousand people at Thanksgiving Point. He followed that up by producing a documentary film about CRT in public schools to better inform parents and to support the right policy changes to protect our children. (Learn more about the film and watch it here.) His work helped support legislation to address this issue. 

Brandon is a successful leader time and again on issues that matter to Utahns. He believes that strong leadership means more than just words. It means having a vision and putting that vision into action and collaborating with others to accomplish great things for our state and nation.  

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