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Tatia Nelson

I have chosen to endorse Brandon Beckham for Utah Senate because he is the best choice for this office. It is rare that someone so stalwart and so fit for the job is on our ballot. Brandon has a myriad of resources, education, skills, and the leadership experience to outshine any opponent. He is founded on Constitutional principles and has already been fighting for your rights in many capacities behind the scenes. You have already benefited from his efforts for over a decade. We need to give him a chance to do even greater good! Get to know the real Brandon and you'll see why you want him in office fighting for you and preserving your rights!

I met Brandon years ago when he created an organization called "Restoration of America". There, Brandon and his father, Grov, taught me the Constitution of the United States and introduced me to the real stories of our forefathers who came together to draft it. Brandon's parents raised him and his siblings with constitutional studies and true principles at the dinner table. These truths are forged into his heart and he filters all decisions he makes on behalf of the people through this solid constitutional foundation. He has defended the Constitution his whole life and he simply can't stand down while our freedoms erode. 

Brandon likewise knows how to combat the opposition. If something stands in the way of preserving our freedoms, he knows how to gain it back! I have followed his leadership in these efforts many times, going door to door to get signatures, meeting with the governor, participating in legislative sessions, and doing anything else Brandon calls fellow patriots to do. Those who help him know that if he is organizing it, the issue is not only pertinent, but we will be successful under his leadership. If you have any doubts about Brandon, take the time to talk to him yourself. You will soon realize why "We The People" have a responsibility to vote for such a chosen candidate as Brandon. 

Tatia Nelson
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