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Rod Hjelm

I've considered Brandon Beckham a close friend of mine for over 10 years now. In that time, I've never known another man to sacrifice so much to support and lead genuine grass-roots efforts to maintain, improve and educate Utah citizens of traditional conservative principles that promote freedom. Brandon has taken the lead on many efforts to maintain and improve freedoms many of us too often take for granted. He's fought against efforts to destabilize the Utah Republican Party. He will never use signatures to get on the ballot. He's worked on efforts to protect Utah against illegal immigration and more recently working to remove and prevent further use of CRT and gender inspired curriculum in Utah schools.

I've also been very impressed with the personal character, integrity, and strength of Brandon's personality. To keep pushing and fighting even when it seems all may be lost. He fights because he knows he can improve life for the people in his district and throughout the state. He's proven he will push for what's right no matter the obstacle placed in his path. I also know he can make a big difference in Utah with the help of a great network of relationships he has built with state and local leaders. I know that what he does will also improve life for my family. 

If you are on the fence or not, please take the time to talk with Brandon. The man is fearless and willing to talk about anything. He is a true teacher and communicator and will continue to work with others and lead out in whatever circumstances he's in to improve life for us all.

Rod Hjelm
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