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Nathan Osmond

I’ve been honored to call Brandon Beckham my friend for many years. When I needed a director to produce my award-winning music video for my #1 song, “Stars and Stripes,” Brandon was the only one I contacted. I knew his passion for America and those who serve our country would help to bring this project to life…and he did!

As long as I’ve known Brandon, he has been actively involved in politics, policies, action in the community, and always stands up for what I feel is most important; God, Family, and Country. I call him every Election Day before I cast my vote because I trust him, his opinions, and his insights on current candidates and the issues at hand. He knows his stuff and is not afraid to stand up for our rights.

Brandon is passionate about defending freedom and preserving American values. He is a defender of our Constitution and what our Founding Fathers both lived and died for. He uses his talents and skills to help elect good candidates, keep government accountable, and bring forth conservative causes. He has my vote as I know he is the right man for the job! Vote Brandon Beckham for Utah Senate District 23.

Nathan Osmond
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