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Matt Bell

Brandon Beckham has been a dear friend of mine for over 16 years. He is, among other things a; Successful Entrepreneur, Constitutional Scholar, Non-Profit Director, Actor, Director, Producer of multi-media productions, Campaign Advisor, and my favorite, a Citizen Advocate. He is on a first-name basis with Utah’s Media(pretty much all of them), Presidents, Senators, Congressional Representatives, and Party members from top to bottom. He can be found diplomatically speaking truth to power, without being intimidated by anyone. In the last 16 years, I have only found him on the right side of any and all issues. Brandon is willing to put his time, money, muscle, sweat, and tears, where his mouth is and he’s skilled at finding allies to help in righteous causes. Even more importantly, he knows how to build coalitions and consensus among colleagues and constituents.

Brandon has been dressing for this job as long as I’ve known him, you could say, he’s always a sharp-dressed man. No one I’ve ever known is more prepared for this role. Professionalism and empathy are his most notable leadership traits. In our time, Faith, Hope, and Charity are paramount qualities, He only has what’s best for every American, and Utah’s Citizens,  liberty, freedom, and the general welfare in mind. He is the senator our district desperately needs. He is a threat to the status quo, therefore, they are fighting hard to defeat him. I trust him and ask you to do the same.

Please consider voting for my friend Brandon Beckham. Donating to his campaign will be money invested well for Utah's future.

Matt Bell
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