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Edward Snow

I strongly support Brandon's candidacy.  My observations on this race are guided by my many years working for two U.S. Congressmen, a U.S. Senator, the Utah Speaker of the House, and by my last 25 years working in the private sector.  

Thie current educational establishment in Utah, including many Republican legislators, has not successfully resisted current fashionable transgender ideologywoke culture, and especially critical race theory that teaches that our Constitution and Founding Fathers are racist.  

We need someone like Brandon who is a successful businessman in the private sector--someone who has been at the forefront in producing documentaries to combat critical race theory--someone who organizes citizen groups to lobby the State Legislature to take a firmer stand against CRT--someone who is not part of the establishment and sees the world as a businessman and not as a government employee.  

I am confident Brandon will do all within his power to fearlessly and vocally be at the front of the forces to battle the left-wing powers that seek to change our culture and political system. 

Edward Snow
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