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For Immediate Release

June 10, 2022

Open Letter to District 23 Voters

As you know, politics can get dirty, very dirty, even in Utah Valley. Unfortunately, that has been the case in this race and I feel impelled to inform you of what is happening. Throughout this campaign, I have been forced to deal with unsubstantiated and false allegations made against me by an anonymous accuser, which I have categorically denied. That has not been easy. I am forever grateful to the family, friends, volunteers and campaign workers who have stood by me through all this as we have taken our message of strong and steady conservatism to voters. I have stayed in this race, at great personal cost, because I know I have done nothing wrong and because I feel so deeply Utah’s need for true conservative leadership.

But while I have been forced to deal with unproven and false accusations, Keith Grover must answer for his 16-year legislative record of mediocrity and complicity, aiding and abetting the flood of cultural rot out of our publicly-funded universities into our schools and communities, destroying our children’s future through “Woke” ideology. 

And now, even worse, Keith Grover must answer for an egregious ethical breach and serious violations of Utah law. 

When he filed for re-election, Keith Grover signed the “Pledge for Fair Campaign Practices,” in which he acknowledged the “basic principles of decency, honesty, and fair play” that he “has a moral obligation to observe and uphold.” His signed pledge states,

  • “I shall not use, nor shall I permit the use of, scurrilous attacks on any candidate…
  • I shall not participate in, nor shall I permit the use of, defamation, libel, or slander against any candidate…
  • I shall not use, nor shall I permit the use of, any practice that tends to corrupt or undermine our American system of free elections, or that hinders or prevents the free expression of the will of the voters…”

I signed that same pledge and have kept my word, Keith Grover did not.

Since day one of the race, Keith Grover’s campaign has worked relentlessly to smear my name, including the participation of his campaign manager Richard Jaussi, along with Daryl Acumen, and Keith’s wife, Julie Grover. At the Utah County Republican Women's Gala on April 29 at the UCCU Events Center, Julie Grover verbally attacked me and two of my volunteers, including a 21-year-old intern from UVU. Julie created a spectacle in front of attendees, shouting that I am a ‘rapist’ and accused my volunteers of ‘sleeping’ with me all while Keith Grover looked on. 

In the filed Order to Show Cause, agents for Keith Grover trampled all over the campaign ethics pledge that he signed. Not only that, Grover’s campaign has knowingly violated the clearly stated rules of the Utah courts system and broken Utah law in order to benefit his re-election to office. Keith Grover must answer for those lawless acts committed by his agents in his name. Far beyond any campaign ethics pledge, he has violated his sacred oath of office.

Given the gravity of the violations of ethics and law committed by agents for Keith Grover, decency demands that he withdraw from this Senate race. 

These are not unsubstantiated allegations; these are the clear facts. Moving forward, I will continue to honor the Pledge for Fair Campaign Practices and focus on conservative principles and issues important to you and our great state.



Press Relations Director


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