Every American cherishes the election process. We defend the right to vote, and much has been said about keeping elections honest. We vote every two years to maintain and protect that our government remains in the hands of the people. Americans bank on our electoral process being fair and honest, but we have seen election fraud in various parts of the country and that takes away our confidence that the system works. We deserve a transparent system where it’s easy to vote and very difficult to cheat. Constitutionally, each state has the authority to make its election laws. In Utah, there is room for improvement to ensure our election process is secure. Key measures should include:

  • Requirements for valid voter identification when voting
  • Camera surveillance and GPS tracking of ballot dropboxes
  • Make it unlawful to vote in state and out of state within the same election
  • Checks on election funds coming from non-government organizations
  • Establishment of an annual statewide voter registration audit, security of election equipment, and restrictions on internet connections

As your senator, I will vote for and sponsor legislation that increases the security of our elections and enforces Utah’s election laws.