I have been a strong proponent of preserving Utah’s caucus system.  It is the fairest way of electing candidates at the state and county conventions. Delegates play a key role in vetting candidates and holding incumbents accountable. 

In 2014, Count My Vote pushed a ballot initiative to remove the neighborhood caucus system. I organized a campaign to stop them. Instead, the Utah legislature passed SB54, which allowed candidates to bypass the caucus system altogether by paying for signatures to automatically get on the party’s primary ballot. That corrupted our political process. It favors wealthy candidates and provides easy victories over their opponents who lacked the financial resources to compete. It also shelters incumbents from accountability. 

In 2018, Count My Vote came back with another initiative to completely dismantle the caucus-convention system, which would have killed the Utah GOP. With private funding, I organized “Keep My Voice” and directed the campaign that stopped CMV’s initiative, saved the caucuses, and with it, the Utah Republican Party. 

You will never see me gather signatures. I’m committed to earning your vote, not buying it. As your senator, I will vote for and sponsor legislation that restores, improves, and preserves the caucus system and keeps our election process fair and honest.