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WHEREAS, the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the protection of

freedom of speech, including freedom of political association;

WHEREAS, a political party is a private organization where its members are united by

common principles for the advancement of ideals and values into public policy via

nominating candidates for public office under its label;

WHEREAS, for the purpose of nominating its candidates the Utah Republican Party has

chosen and utilized a volunteer system comprised of neighborhood caucuses and


WHEREAS, in 2014, Count My Vote intimidated the Utah legislature into passing

Senate Bill 54, which mandates signature gathering that circumvents the Party’s

nominating process, allowing any candidate – regardless of values – to obtain a place

on the Republican Primary ballot;

WHEREAS, Senate Bill 54 encroaches on political freedom rights under the First

Amendment, corrupts our election process to favor big money over volunteerism, and

destroys the very purpose of having a political party;

WHEREAS, Senate Bill 54 unjustly allows signature-gathering candidates to also take

votes away from convention-only candidates at conventions despite already qualifying

for the primary ballot;

RESOLVED, the Utah Republican Party calls on Republican legislators to produce

meaningful legislation during the 2023 legislative session that restores the Party’s

freedom to nominate its candidates entirely via the process chosen by the Party.


Aaron Bullen, Kim Coleman, Chris Null, Mac Sims, Ben Summerhalder, Olivia Dawn,

Cody Adams, Jimi Kestin, Blaine Nay, Leif Ernst, Mari Eddy, Lowell Nelson, Karen Ballash, Elizabeth Carlin, John Morris, Celeste Meyeres, Kris Kimball, Dalane England, Cindy Cossairt, Kim Cropper, Bob McEntee, Jon-David Jorgensen, Wendy Hart, Thomas Hansen, David Pyne, Volney Morin, Heidi Balderree, Jesse Sloan, Parl Johnson, Larry Meyers, Fred C. Cox, Debra Ley, Jared Cahoon, Drew Coombs, Shellie Giddings, KanaMarie Paulson, Chad Saunders, Brian Gorum, Helen Redd, MaryAnn Spainhower, Charlotte McConkie, Bart Rasmussen, Teena Horlacher, Kris Udy, Kristen Chevrier

  • This resolution shall be made public via an official Utah GOP press release and be published on the homepage of the Party’s website and social media accounts.

  • Digital copies of this resolution shall be sent from Chairman Jorgensen to members of the Utah GOP federal delegation and Utah GOP state-level elected officials--the governor and lieutenant governor, the speaker of the House, president of the Senate, the attorney general, and state auditor.

  • An email shall be sent out to rank and file members of the Utah GOP regarding the passage of this resolution.


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