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WHEREAS, on December 7, 2019, the Utah GOP State Central Committee

overwhelmingly passed a resolution of support for President Trump during the

impeachment that called on all elected Republican officials to do the same;

WHEREAS, on December 18, 2019, the U.S. House of Representatives passed two

articles of impeachment with Utah’s Republican congressmen (Reps. Bishop, Stewart, &

Curtis) all voting no;

WHEREAS, on February 5, 2020, with zero evidence of a federal crime committed or

any wrongdoing that rises to the level of removal of office, the U.S. Senate voted to fully

acquit President Trump; Senator Mike Lee voted to acquit, while Senator Mitt Romney

voted to remove President Trump from office;

WHEREAS, the vote to remove the President from office does not align with the

position of the Utah Republican Party, its leadership, and the majority of Utah citizens;

therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Utah Republican Party expresses support for the U.S. Senate’s

acquittal of President Trump;

RESOLVED, that the Utah Republican Party expresses appreciation to Congressmen

Bishop, Stewart, and Curtis for their votes against the flawed articles of impeachment in

the House of Representatives and, expresses appreciation to Senator Lee for his vote

to acquit;

RESOLVED, that the Utah Republican Party supports Chairman Derek Brown’s

February 5th statement that “we strongly disagree with the vote cast” by Senator

Romney to remove President Trump from office; and,

RESOLVED, that the Utah Republican Party calls on all Utah elected Republicans to

work with President Trump to implement the conservative policies of the America First

agenda that are helping our country succeed.


Aaron Bullen, Larry Meyers, Chris Null, Scott Miller, Chris Booth, Brad Green, Alex Carter,

Janene Burton, KanaMarie Poulson, David Pyne, Lisa Shepherd, Bob McEntee, Brandon

Loveland, Laurie Stringham, Roderick Threats, Melanie Sorensen, Jared Cahoon, Tom Hansen, Shellie Giddings, Parl Johnson, Paul Gooch, Chadwick Fairbanks, Teena Horlacher, Jennifer Jensen, Helen Watts, Mac Sims, Amelia Gardner, Heidi Balderree, Jamie Munns, Thomas V. Sakievich, Don Guymon, Matt Howard, Cherilyn Bacon Eagar, Joe Levi, Patrick Bradley, Holly Crowley-Rabanne, Helen Redd, Amy Dodds, Scott Rosenbush, Brady Jugler, Lowell Nelson, Peter Greathouse, Drew Coombs, Tony Robinson, Kris Udy, Peter Cannon, Dalane England, Iliana Clift, Tina Urbanik, Greg Hughes, Kim Henderson, Wesley Hunt, Darin Birch, Dale Millsap, McVoy Barben, Jeremy Day, Cody Adams, Steve Clark, Brad Daw, Arturo Morales

  • This resolution shall be made public via an official UTGOP press release and be published on the homepage of the Party’s website and social media accounts.

  • Digital copies of this resolution shall be emailed from Chairman Derek Brown to members of the Utah GOP federal delegation and Utah GOP state-level elected officials--the governor and lieutenant governor, the speaker of the House, president of the Senate, the attorney general, and state auditor.

  • Digital copies of this resolution shall be emailed to all rank and file members of the Utah Republican Party and emailed to the Chairwoman of the RNC, Ronna McDaniel.



UTGOP Resolution To Support Trump Acquittal
Download PDF • 85KB

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