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WHEREAS, Donald J. Trump was duly elected president of the United States by a 304-227 electoral vote in the 2016 election. Within the state of Utah, voters elected President Trump in a landslide victory;

WHEREAS, President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda, which he campaigned on, is aligned with the values and principles of the National Republican Party platform and the Utah Republican Party platform;

WHEREAS, The President has been delivering on his campaign promises in the face of unparalleled attacks from the Left, obstruction from congressional Democrats, judicial impediment from activist federal judges, and false reporting from a complicit news media;

WHEREAS, Despite this opposition, President Trump has moved Republican ideals into public policy by:

  • Passing monumental tax cuts and tax reform, the first in over 30 years;

  • Defending the precious freedom of religious liberty;

  • Appointing two originalist justices to the U.S. Supreme Court;

  • Appointing a record 160 (and counting) conservative federal circuit-court judges;

  • Cutting federal funding of nearly 900 abortion clinics across the country;

  • Ending the unconstitutional individual healthcare mandate;

  • Enacting a rule requiring transparency in rates for hospitals and insurance companies;

  • Expanding development and export of domestic energy, making the U.S. first in oil production;

  • Reforming Veteran Affairs to better take care of those who served our nation;

  • Pursuing peace and an end to hostilities with North Korea;

  • Ending NAFTA and negotiating a better trade deal with Canada and Mexico (USMCA);

  • Withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Climate Agreement and the Iran Nuclear Deal;

  • Withdrawing the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP);

  • Destroying ISIS in Syria and taking out its leader, al-Baghdadi and his second-in-command;

  • Holding China accountable for unfair trade practices and negotiating a new trade deal;

  • Enforcing immigration laws, erecting new barriers, and reducing illegal immigration;

  • Eliminating job-killing regulations to produce a record strong economy and unemployment;

  • Rebuilding the military and restoring the morale of our servicemen and women;

  • Providing record funding and government resources to fight the opioid crisis;

  • Working in a bipartisan fashion to pass much needed criminal justice reform;

  • Championing opportunities for and highlighting the achievements of women and minorities;

  • Working directly with Utah leaders to fix our protected lands designations;

  • Supporting the fight to end human/sex trafficking, including working with Utah AG Sean Reyes, other key Utahns, and working with Operation Underground Railroad as well as other NGOs;

  • Moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to its capital, Jerusalem, a repeated promise made but never kept by past presidents;

WHEREAS, A two-year, one-sided investigation in which President Trump fully cooperated confirmed there was no "Russia Collusion,” and revealed real corruption and anti-Trump bias within the FBI and the intelligence community;

WHEREAS, Since his inauguration, Democrats have been relentless and ruthless in their attempt to undo the 2016 election results and remove President Trump from office. Now, instead of allowing the American voters to decide the upcoming election, Democrats have conducted unprecedented, unjust, and unconstitutional impeachment proceedings with the intent to prevent Trump’s reelection in 2020. Led by Chairman Adam Schiff, they have:

  • Refused to allow fundamental due process rights to the President;

  • Refused to allow legal counsel for witnesses of the Administration;

  • Refused to allow the Republican minority equal participation rights in the proceedings;

  • Conducted secret hearings while leaking selective negative information to the press;

  • Cherry-picked certain witnesses, while rejecting GOP-requested witnesses; and

  • Lied to the American public about the President’s actions, words, and intentions;

WHEREAS, President Trump is the only Republican poised to win the 2020 presidential election; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the UTGOP expresses gratitude for the President’s leadership and his tireless work to keep his promises. We strongly affirm our full support for President Donald J. Trump, his administration, and his

impeachment defense;

RESOLVED, that the UTGOP strongly condemns congressional Democrats’ disgraceful "impeachment inquiry" and their actions that have circumvented constitutional rights;

RESOLVED, that the UTGOP calls on all congressional Republicans to ensure fairness and due process during the impeachment proceedings;

RESOLVED, that the UTGOP appeals to the U.S. Senate to acknowledge and respect President Trump’s 5th and 6th Amendment rights such as due process, the ability to confront his accusers, call witnesses on his behalf, and to understand the accusations leveled against him; and finally be it

RESOLVED, that the UTGOP calls on our Republicans in Utah’s federal delegation--Representatives Rob Bishop, Chris Stewart, and John Curtis, and Senators Mike Lee and Mitt Romney--as well as Utah's Republican state-level elected officials, to vigorously and publicly support President Trump.


Chris Null, Scott Miller, Brad Green, Larry Meyers, Chris Booth


KanaMarie Poulson

​Don Guymon

Jessica Christopher

Kim Coleman

Teena Horlacher

David Pyne

Joel Coleman

Thomas Hansen

Val Ziegler

Cherilyn Eagar

Janene Burton

Rick Robinson

Jennifer Jensen

​Jared Cahoon

Heidi Balderree

Aaron Bullen

​Alexander Carter

David Bateman

Brandon Loveland

Sharon Miller

Mac Sims

Amelia Gardiner

Lynn Jackson

Suzanne Ferre

Helen Redd

Scott Rosenbush

Steven Thon

Paul Gooch

Parl Johnson

Brent Odenwalder

Thomas V. Sakievich

Melanie Sorensen

Roderick Threats

Brad Daw

Holly Crowley-Rabanne

Helen Watts

Tina Urbanik

Kim Henderson

Ryan Wilcox

Jeramy Day

Wesley Hunt

Daniela Harding

Jimi Kestin

Lynda Cox

Aaron Starks

Lisa Shepherd

Sean Reyes

Kendra Seeley

Patrick Bradley

Troy Petersen

Darin Birch

Brian Gray

Amy Dodds

Terry Monroe

Chadwick Fairbanks

Derek Brown

M. Bret Haney

Joe Levi

Nancy Hansen

Stuart Adams

Robert McEntee

Thomas Wright

LaRene Cox

​Robert Axson

​​Blaine Nay

Craig Johnson

Lowell Nelson

Kris Udy

Brady Jugler

Mike Bird

Anne-Marie Lampropoulos

Laurie Stringham

Shellie Giddings

Cody Adams

Dalane England

​Dallin Mangels

  • This resolution shall be made public via an official UTGOP press release and be published on the homepage of the Party’s website and social media accounts.

  • Copies of this resolution (hard and digital) shall be sent from Chairman Derek Brown to members of the Utah GOP federal delegation and Utah GOP state-level elected officials--the governor and lieutenant governor, the speaker of the House, president of the Senate, the attorney general, and state auditor.

  • Digital copies of this resolution shall be emailed to all rank and file members of the Utah Republican Party and emailed to the Chairwoman of the RNC, Ronna McDaniel.

  • Hard copies of this resolution shall be sent along with a thank you letter (see below) to President Trump that includes the names of all supporting SCC members attached.



Dear Mr. President,

Since you took office in January 2017, we have kept a keen eye on your job performance and paid special attention to your fulfillment of the promises you made to the American people. We acknowledge your strong determination and tireless work to keep your promises in the face of relentless attacks and opposition. We want you to know how proud we are to have a president who bucks the trend of failed leadership in Washington.

Mr. President, you have successfully tackled some of the most important and difficult issues facing our nation. Issues like tax reform, immigration, trade, criminal justice reform, Veterans Affairs, domestic energy, and healthcare transparency have been put off for decades until your presidency. For Utahns, we are especially grateful for your efforts in defending religious liberty, protecting the unborn, fighting human/sex trafficking, addressing the opioid crisis, fixing Utah protected lands designations, and appointing originalist justices to the United States Supreme Court.

We want to say thank you for doing a great job, for your ‘Big League’ successes, and for fighting and not giving up while the Washington establishment undermines your presidency at every turn. Your efforts don’t go unnoticed out here in the Rocky Mountains. Utah Republicans have got your back! As part of our show of support, we recently passed a united resolution of support on your behalf, which you will find attached.

Of course, we know there’s still much work to be done. There’s absolutely no doubt of your commitment to finish the job. We stand behind you. We pray for you. We want you to succeed.

God bless,

Your friends of the Utah Republican Party

P.S., We invite you to hold a Trump Rally in Utah during the coming year.


Accomplishments of President Trump

2016 Presidential Election in Utah - Trump wins by landslide against two candidates

National Republican Party

Utah Republican Party Platform

Monumental Tax Cut and Tax Reform

Defending Religious Liberty

Trump Appoints a Record 162 Federal Judges

Judicial Appointment Tracker - Judge Appointments Comparison with Past Presidents

Trump’s Conservative Picks will Impact Courts for Decades

Defunding of nearly 900 Abortion Clinics

Transparency in rates for hospitals and insurance companies

USA Number One in Oil Production

Pursuing peace and ending hostilities with North Korea

Reforming Veteran Affairs to better take care of those who served our nation

Negotiating a better deal with Canada and Mexico (USMCA)

Trump formally withdraws from the Paris Climate Agreement

Withdrawal from Iran Nuclear deal

ISIS Leader Killed

ISIS Second-In-Command Killed

Holding China accountable for unfair trade practices

Reducing illegal immigration

Cutting Regulations

Rebuilding the Military

Trump fights opioid crisis

Trump Signs Criminal Justice Reform

Opportunities for Minorities and Women

Trump returns control of Utah lands

Trump works to fight human trafficking

Trump keeps promise to move US Embassy to Jerusalem

Mueller investigation finds no collusion with Trump or campaign

Interview with Rep. Al Green (D-TX) on about impeachment to stop Trump reelection

Chairman Adam Schiff reading his made-up version of the Trump-Zelensky transcript

White House 8-page letter to the House of Representatives about impeachment

Senate Judiciary Chairman Graham’s resolution on Closed-Door Impeachment Process

Jim Jordan: Democrats ‘Cherry Pick’ Which Impeachment Probe Transcripts to Release


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