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WHEREAS, the freedom to make personal health choices is one of the most fundamental human rights protected under the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution;

WHEREAS, informed consent is the bedrock of ethical practice in medicine, consisting of three essential elements: access to complete information, patient comprehension, and voluntariness;

WHEREAS, an alarming number of private and government entities across the U.S. and around the world are mandating COVID-19 vaccination, coupled with punitive restrictions on freedom, commerce, employment, and medical care for non-compliance;

WHEREAS, there are various reasons why Americans choose not to be vaccinated, including, but not limited to: established medical conditions; previous infection and recovery; preference for therapeutics; robust immune systems; prevention of potential adverse events; religious beliefs; intolerance to vaccine ingredients; previous anaphylactic and other reactions;

WHEREAS, during the 2021 legislative session, the Utah legislature passed House Bill 308, which “prohibits a governmental entity from requiring that an individual receive a vaccine for COVID-19;”

WHEREAS, on September 9, 2021, despite his promise to the contrary, President Biden

enacted a sweeping order, mandating vaccinations for businesses with over 100 employees, and therefore be it

RESOLVED, the Utah Republican Party upholds the United States Constitution and fully

supports the individual freedom to choose whether to be vaccinated or unvaccinated;

RESOLVED, the Utah Republican Party recognizes the historical efficacy of proven vaccines in public health, but rejects policies of mandatory vaccination, regardless of FDA approval, and rejects proposals for statewide, nationwide, or global “vaccine passports,” “health passes” or similar policies;

RESOLVED, the Utah Republican Party is firmly opposed to government compelling private businesses to enforce mandatory vaccination of their employees or customers;

RESOLVED, the Utah Republican Party appeals to private businesses, institutions of education and religion, medical service providers, and non-government organizations throughout Utah to be considerate and accommodating regarding the vaccination choice of their employees, students, teachers, members, patients, and customers without penalty or discrimination;

RESOLVED, the Utah Republican Party thanks and supports Republican legislators, Governor Cox, Attorney General Reyes, the congressional delegation, and local government officials for their continuing efforts to ensure that the individual freedom to be vaccinated or unvaccinated, without penalty or discrimination, is fully protected.


Kim Coleman

Greg Hughes

Lesa Sandberg

Arturo Morales LLan

Amelia Powers Gardner

​Colin Jack

Bob McEntee

Kristen Chevrier

Kris Kimball

​Dale Millsap

Lowell Nelson

Dalane England

Teena Horlacher

Elizabeth Carlin

Larry Meyers

Jimi Kestin

Celeste Meyers

​Aaron Bullen

Nate Brooksby

Josh Daniels

Kurt Ivie

Adlai Elison

Leif Ernst

​Lyndon Brittner

Mac Sims

Brent Odenwalder

Emilie Brown

​David Pyne

KanaMarie Poulson

Kris Udy

Shellie Giddings

Chris Booth

Heidi Balderree

John D. Morris

Jared Cahoon

Tina Urbanik

Holley Crowley-Rabanne

Jaime Munns

Iliana Clift

​John-David Jorgensen

Olivia D. Horlacher Williams

​Helen Watts

  • This resolution shall be made public via an official Utah GOP press release and be published on the homepage of the Party’s website and social media accounts.

  • Digital copies of this resolution shall be sent from Chairman Jorgensen to members of the Utah GOP federal delegation and Republican state-level elected officials including, members of the Utah House and Senate, the governor and lieutenant governor, the attorney general, and state auditor.

  • An official email shall be sent out from Chairman Jorgensen to rank and file members of the Utah GOP regarding the passage of this resolution.

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