There’s a saying abroad: when America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold.

If things go well for us domestically, things tend to go around the world.

But as the disastrous Biden Administration is showing, when things go badly here, it hurts everyone.

This is what’s so scary about Critical Race Theory (CRT), and related instances of identity Marxism that have attacked every aspect of American culture.

The stakes aren’t just an election or two in America, the stakes are the future of humanity.

The people pushing CRT know this well.

Born in the corrupt halls of higher education, CRT foments racial animosity and identity-based division in every aspect of a student’s experience in public education.

In some instances it’s now trickled down preschools.

The false priests of CRT want to brainwash children that America has from its inception been built on racism and oppression — not with the goal of creating a more perfect union, but in order to dismantle the Constitution, conquer the free-market economy, and "fundamentally transform" the American way of life.

Teach a generation of children to hate their country and stealing their future is, pardon the expression, child’s play.

Cultural Marxists are following the same playbook that has been used everywhere else the murderous ideology has reared its ugly head.

The goal has always been to destabilize people based on a predetermined category and to manufacture unrest among younger generations, destabilize society, and replace it with socialism or communism.

Under the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Mao Zedong used identity politics to divide and conquer. Mao created five good "red" categories of people for Chinese to aspire to —  peasants, workers, soldiers, party members, and martyrs — and five bad "black" ones to be shamed into submission — landlords, rich farmers, counter-revolutionaries, bad influencers, and right-wingers.

Of the estimated 100 million people killed by communists in the 20th century, Mao takes the prize with 45 million.

Because the American free market has created so much wealth and upward mobility, it’s virtually impossible to divide people on class lines.

So, domestic Marxists adopted a grievance based on identity. Race is a very powerful tool for this because it both keys into a visceral survival instinct while appealing to the American desires for unity and tolerance.

Diversity can be a strength, but diversity can also be perverted into a disaster.

The propagandists who preach that America is systemically racist know this rhetoric can enflame specifically because America isn’t. This is why parents are pulling their kids out of schools — and why woke educators are running scared.

The conversion to Zoom-learning during the pandemic has backfired spectacularly, with parents learning how wasteful and potentially damaging the public school system has become. By February 2021, those parents with favorable opinion of homeschooling was up to 63 percent.

It must be terrifying for bureaucrats in the Department of Education to think their six-figure salaries and lucrative benefits packages might disappear if parents and states realized they could teach their kids better without them.

There is nothing innocent about CRT, there is certainly nothing virtuous.

It is destructive to education, students, relationships, and our nation as a whole.

This is why I have made it my mission to rip it out from taking root in my home state, Utah. Last summer, I passed a GOP resolution condemning CRT and calling for the state legislature to take action; I assisted legislators on key bills, I organized and hosted a widely attended forum on CRT, and produced a documentary film on CRT in Utah, titled "Identity Marxism."

Utah has a well-known problem with left-leaning leaders using the R after their name sneaking into office, so much so that Tucker Carlson had to ask "How did Utah get such awful, liberal leaders?" The bigger problem is complacent ones — those who control the education purse strings in legislature and who’ve done nothing to push back on the far-left agenda of professors and administrators who have peddled the CRT ideology.

When America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold.

If America isn’t cured of the cancer of CRT, it will contaminate the whole world. History teaches us what happens next  — our precious rights, freedoms, and our Constitution will be on the chopping block.

Because of informed parents and courageous teachers around the country, momentum seems to be on the right side. If we stay vigilant, CRT will become a thing of the past.

Brandon Beckham is producer of the film “Identity Marxism," and a candidate for the Utah Senate.

Published on Newsmax, June 15, 2022.