Megan Beckham & Family

Our brother Brandon Beckham, who is the eldest of six kids, is a passionate conservative. Our father, Grov Beckham, taught us conservative values in our childhood. Dad was a constitutional teacher and even had the privilege of being mentored by Cleon Skousen who became a family friend. This is what our brother Brandon emulates. Brandon values truth, loyalty, determination, and action. Brandon has never backed down from fighting for conservative values and the principles of our Constitution that are foundational to freedom and the success of our state and nation.

We believe in our brother's heart and passion to make consistent decisions that represent Utah's family values. We also believe that you can count on him to always speak up for the people and not for power-hungry politicians. Our brother has fought hard against the establishment even in the face of defaming his name and all he has worked hard for. Still, he did not back down because he and all of us know the truth. If we allow them to bully us into submission we will never win. Giving up is not an option for our brother. That kind of character will guide his actions as a Utah Senator. 

A vote for Brandon is a vote for your child's future, as he fights hard against CRT and for parents' rights. A vote for Brandon is a vote for lower taxes and more money in your pocket. A vote for Brandon is a vote for a man who seeks out God and lives a life for God and his country. A vote for Brandon is a vote for someone who will work hard to build up our conservative values in this state and even our nation, leading as a voice for our community and not for personal gain. 

We love our brother and stand behind him 100%. He is a good man putting his reputation on the line because he cares about our state and the decisions being made on Capitol Hill. He has our vote and we hope he has yours too!
Megan Beckham Strader
Austin Beckham
Britton Beckham
Nathan Beckham
Orion Beckham