1-A_wo_lipshine.JPGThere are senators who vote very conservatively and senators who don't. There are senators who boldly speak out in defense of freedom and senators don't speak much at all. At this time in our nation, we need state senators who vote conservatively AND boldly speak for us. I have known Brandon for over a decade. We've fought in political foxholes together against every leftist creep into our culture, homes, schools and the halls of government. He has organized large rallies, petition drives, and deployed his production talent to stir people's hearts and move them to action.

He has done more than maybe anyone to preserve our neighborhood elections, which he respects enough to let delegates decide this race. He gives endless hours in the service of our Party- because he knows our values matter. Brandon cannot be outworked and he will never cave in to the pressure to back down on his principles and will never give up fighting for our rights and freedoms. 

Kim Coleman