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Eliminate CRT in Schools, Expand Parents' Rights  |  Brandon Beckham for Utah Senate

Eliminate CRT in Schools, Expand Parents' Rights | Brandon Beckham for Utah Senate

Utah laws unequivocally state that ”parents retain the fundamental right and duty to exercise primary control over the care, supervision, upbringing, and education of their children.” We have great teachers who are doing their best to teach effectively. However, parents are discovering divisive, and harmful aspects in their children’s educational curricula. Critical Race Theory (CRT) pits one race against another; it promotes division. It is an affront to our nation’s founding principle “that all men are created equal.” This cancer, if unchecked and allowed to be taught in K thru 12 schools, will only lead to a dark place for our nation’s future. We must remove all elements of CRT in the classroom and in teacher training. Federal funding only accounts for 3% of the education budget in Utah. Yet, federal mandates control much more and are not always productive in our children's education system. We must make sure that federal funds do not come with strings attached that violate our state education laws and our community values. Currently, Utah’s state school board superintendents are appointed and are unaccountable to the parents of students. Parents pay taxes to send their children to public schools. They should have a say in choosing the superintendent. This would allow them to speak freely against policies that don’t benefit the students. It is time to empower parents with more control over what is happening in our schools. The School districts are becoming too big and unaccountable. Parental rights are being ignored. It is time to restore local school boards comprised of parents with children attending their children’s school. Choosing the principal, the teachers, and what curriculum is accepted is a parental right. As your senator, I will vote for and sponsor legislation that: Enforces parents’ rights and transparency Eliminates all forms of racism in K-12 public education Removes unacceptable mandates from federal funding Makes the state superintendent elected by parents statewide Restores local control by creating school boards at each school


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