In most parts of Utah, water is not only an essential resource but a scarce one. Yearly conservationists pay close attention to the amount of rainfall and snowpack our mountains receive because there is always the likelihood of drought. Lake Powell is the second-largest artificial reservoir in the United States and is at an all-time low.  Other water resources in the state are strained as well. Utah needs to create more reservoirs, recharge aquifers along the Wasatch, and build more water storage facilities. With a planned vision and working proactively we can stave off further loss of water from our essential reservoirs. Utah cannot allow this essential resource to escape or be wasted. As Utah’s population continues to grow, water shortages may become common, because the supply of available water will remain the same. Water conservation will become much more important as time passes. Water management is imperative and as your senator, I will vote for and sponsor legislation that supports the effective use and storage of our all-important water resources.