Utah’s economy has been hit with severe inflation, leading the nation at over 9%! This is caused by COVID-19, an influx of new home buyers, and massive government spending. Reports now indicate inflation is costing Utah households an extra $3,000 annually. Additionally, housing costs in the region are rising nearly twice as fast as the national average. There is no denying that Utah is experiencing the worst inflation in forty years, coupled with the highest gas prices in seven years. As inflation increases our hard-earned dollars buy less. Families are having to make difficult decisions, including going without. Government should do the same during this tough economic period, starting with removing Utah’s food tax and lowering the gas tax.

In 2020, when the legislature passed a tax increase. I signed and supported the referendum to repeal it. As your senator, I will sponsor and vote for legislation that will lower taxes, remove the food tax, and reduce any wasteful government spending.